Transformative Experiences Move You

Imagery Connection is packed full of inspiring exercises that will transform you from the inside out.  Start making your subconscious work for you to unlock your true hidden talents.  Pursue the love, health and wealthy life you desire.  Visualization and Guided Imagery Meditation allows the perfect event experiences to occur, creating new powerful synapses and physiological memories.  Practicing skills and creating from within activates the power of attraction.  This power hidden deep in your subconscious is simply a click away from being unlocked.  


  • Archana
    please let Claudette know that today was astonishingly fabulissimo. Even though I have experienced several workshops with Claudette, the power of this work with her still amazes me in its ability to effect profound, direct transformation.
  • Daniel
    The Imagery Master, gave us some invaluable "keys" to open our own doors and see by ourselves what wonders lies within. You are teaching us, through the power of imagery, to surrender and let our ego disappear. You are teaching us, through imagery, to allow the flow of light and energy to stream into us.
  • Sara
    One of the most profound and vivid visionary experiences I have ever lived occurred during my first class with Claudette, and may represent an eloquent example of how this principle works. The exercise was called Returning to your Center and it had a tremendous impact on me!
  • Frederick
    I loved the interaction and was grateful to be called on and share my experiences. Everything was excellent.
  • Renée
    From the sunny Atlantic coast in the south of France, I am sending you this message to tell you that I am eager to go on with the work and teachings as long as I breath and I live here and now.

How much of my time will this take?

Imagery is very quick and effective by nature.  You may compare effective imagery to any real life experience.  Imagine a phenomenal change in your day.  Like sitting at breakfast at a diner and finding that a stranger picked up your tab.  That real event sticks with you and the experience will shape your day.  In the same way, Guided Imagery can shape your attitude and insights in just a moment.  


Can Children Use Guided Imagery?

While everything on this site is designed for people 13 and older, Guided Imagery is well documented to work with children.  Children by nature are creative and imaginative in thought and respond well to the designs of professional Guided Imagery.   Adults will find that the sessions and exercises work well to re-establish the creative channels they once had as children.