Creativity & Problem Solving


Being connected to your creative center is the basis for all problem solving.  When a large problem or project demands the highest level of thought and resources you can provide, being able to tap into your creativity is paramount.  Guided Imagery Meditation exercises your creativity like a muscle in the gym.  Beyond exercises that are specifically designed to focus you on solutions that are buried deep in your subconscious, the act of practicing imagery enhances your creative thought processes.  When you face problems during your day, that "in shape" muscle of your creativity is ready to work for you in coming up with ideal solutions. In addition, the stress reducing effects allow you to focus and not be dragged down by reactive emotions that take you further from a solution.

Creative and Connected Thoughts Become Ideal Solutions
  • Moby - DJ & Music Producer
    I thought… meditation involved… moving to some country and renouncing wealth and materialism… [but] it’s a simple practice that calms the mind… and the thing that won me over… was its effectiveness. Nothing else helped me quiet my mind and go to a calm, centered place. The thing that makes it effective is you don’t have to do all that much, and, as a profoundly lazy person, I appreciate that.
    Moby - DJ & Music Producer
  • Daniel Mitel - Martial Arts Champion
    The Imagery Master, gave us some invaluable "keys" to open our own doors and see by ourselves what wonders lies within. You are teaching us, through the power of imagery, to surrender and let our ego disappear. You are teaching us, through imagery, to allow the flow of light and energy to stream into us.
    Daniel Mitel - Martial Arts Champion
  • Hira Hosen - Zen Buddhist Nun
    I've observed with pure Joy how large groups of over a hundred people are being guided by Claudette in a total state of ease and grace. She manages in a very loving way to include everyone, allowing each person to fully express their inner journeys.
    Hira Hosen - Zen Buddhist Nun

Personal Performance

Perfect Performance is Not an Accident
  • Novak Djokovic - No. 1 Men's Tennis
    Obviously, there is a huge amount of pressure and stress and everything involved, so you need to have a place where you know you can switch off and recharge your batteries. I guess it’s private, in a way. But I just can say that it’s… very calm and very beautiful… where I like to spend time.
    Novak Djokovic - No. 1 Men's Tennis

Using all of your senses in Guided Imagery creates a perfect sensory experience.  Because of the immersive quality of our exercises you can experience and then manifest perfect outcomes in the outside world.  Guided Imagery exercises give you a platform to perfect your performance and recognize failure points in your actions.  Jack Nicklaus the famous golfer said, "I never hit a shot even in practice without having a sharp in-focus picture in my head.  It's like a colour movie......only at the end of this short private Hollywood spectacular do I select a club and step up to the ball."  Jack knew that Imagery can assure your success by:

  • Motivating you
  • Refocusing your thoughts
  • Allowing you to experience success
  • Perfecting your skills

Countless professional athletes, speakers and performers use and know that success happens in the mind before it happens in the real world.  Guided Imagery is beyond creating a belief, it is creating an experience that will soon be lived out.

Emotional Management

Managing Emotions Takes Skill
  • Sir Paul McCartney
    In moments of madness, meditation has helped me find moments of serenity – and I would like to think that it would help provide young people a quiet haven in a not-so-quiet world… It’s a lifelong gift, something you can call on at any time… I think it’s a great thing.
    Sir Paul McCartney

Your mind strangely will hold on to pain.  With this grip, the mind creates a barrier to healing and release.  Your body however, releases pain when the cause subsides.  In life, many of our painful moments that cause emotional turmoil pass or can be avoided but yet your mind hangs on and creates a pen of suffering.  While we all sometimes feel that things in the outside world "make" us upset or cause us pain, the reality is these are simply triggers.  The source of every emotion both positive or negative is within you.  Guided Imagery is the tool that you use to uncover false perceptions which lead us to hang on to pain.  By exploring within, you are able to find the triggers, the release and the peace that follows.



Recently, hospitals and Cancer treatment centers have recognized the benefits of Guided Imagery in patient wellbeing.  Guided Imagery has been shown to improve stress levels, reduce post-operative pain medication and assist in the healing process.  The Mayo clinic states that some research now suggests that meditation may help people manage symptoms of conditions such as:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Pain
  • Sleep problems

We always recommend talking with your doctor to discuss the benefits of Guided Imagery.  While Imagery and Meditation are not replacements for medical care they may be a very important addition for you.

Reducing Stress Supports Your Overall Health
  • Howard Stern - Radio Pioneer
    My mother… was very depressed, because her sister had died… She tried psychiatrists… Nothing worked. Then I go off to to college and I get a call [from her]… I could sense that my mom was… organically happy, not a contrived happiness, so… I started meditating… People shouldn’t think that it’s a religion or anything like that – it’s just like brushing your teeth, its a technique and [it] changed her…
    Howard Stern - Radio Pioneer
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